Friday, May 25, 2007

Ominous start to the weekend...

We're in Granby this weekend for a trial - we almost didn't come for so many reasons...My trial buddy's dog is in season so we're here alone - poo - My birthday is tomorrow, so woe is me it'll just be me and the boyz this weekend and there's only so much take-out a girl can take after all.

My parents' dog Monica went downhill fast the past two days - playing normally on Wednesday, in the critical care on Thursday and to the rainbow bridge today. She rallied a bit last night but apparently the big C got her in the end. A tumor in the heart and she just went downhill so quickly. I guess that's the way to live - live every moment to the fullest and go quickly when the time comes.

Even before Monica's illness I was on the fence about trialing alone - it's just not why I do this...well the trial gods haven't been kind so far. It was blistering hot today driving down and as I lugged my tent out to the agility field I was melting. My tent thats supposed to go up easily with one person broke - that's a $250 tent - broken. I used it once. I plan to call the company on Tuesday - I was so pissed I just left it in a heap - hopefully no one will walk off with it. Oh well. At least there's a pavillion building and I found some room for two crates - so at least the boys will have shade tomorrow - we'll see if there's hope for the tent.

So happy birthday to me - Murph are you listening? I'd like a standard leg please :-)

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