Sunday, April 22, 2007

Catching up...

I am so very way behind in my blog. I have several excuses why that is - but I'll keep them newsworthy.

First of all - Teller arrived at the beginning of March - Teller is more formally known as SunKissed Light and Magic. Teller has been so much fun! He's a smart puppy -just this blank canvas that assimilates learning so quickly. He's a thoughtful worker, thinks things out and has just been a joy - so different from Murphy but that's part of what I wanted. Murphy loves him most of the time - the two have rockus play sessions but Murphy does wish that the little guy would do a little less tail pulling please.

March was busy for us on so many levels...We (Murphy, Teller and I) went to the Hudson Valley Golden Specialty for 2 days of agility and one day of obedience. Murphy got his first CDX leg with a second place. I was walking on air.

Then we headed out to Syracuse for a four day show - Murph gave me three solid days of Open obedience but we made some non-qualifying mistakes. He held his out of sights and he proved to me that he's where he needs to be. We'll figure out the next obedience show soon - our choices are two different options - either AKC to shoot for that leg or UKC to try for a UKC CD. We'll see. I need to decide soon!

All of these shows were GREAT mileage for Teller - nothing phases him. My goal was for him to meet 100 people a week between 8 and 12 weeks - I stopped counting at 1200 - he saw so many different kinds of people - all races, all ages, beards, glasses, wheelchairs, crutches - you name it. As a result he walks around show grounds like he's always done it (well he has actually). He's retrieving metal articles to hand and was thrilled to get his very own baby dumbbell! Look out world!

This past weekend was a whirlwind! Friday night my friend who has Murphy's sister Molly and Teller's littermate Truly came up to visit. My club had their annual agility trial this weekend - as trial chair and club President it was especially stressful to pull everything off successfully.

Murphy and Teller's breeder came up for dinner Friday night and on a whim we decided to test Teller for his AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate - Teller passed - at 14 weeks! (He's now 15 weeks but we were under the wire). He is now "SunKissed Light and Magic CGC".

Saturday: Murphy put down two really rockin runs - his standard run had some bobbles and his jumpers run - lets just say I dropped the ball at the last jump and he missed it, then back jumped the jump and that NQ'ed us (no wrong courses in jumpers).

Sunday: Really nice standard run - but Murphy blew off his a-frame contact - it was totally my fault but we had a table fault and were close on time anyhow. His jumpers run this afternoon BLEW me away - a clean run and well under the time allowed. Murphy won his class and finished his Novice Jumpers title. Murphy is now "SunKissed Karat Cake CD RA NAJ CGC TDV".

Now I'm heading to bed - long weekend and I'm exhausted!