Monday, January 08, 2007

One if by land - Six if by C...

The puppies are here - the puppies are here. Thank god almighty the puppies are here.

I for one alternated between being so overjoyed that the babies were going to happen/on their way - and not wanting to get my hopes up in case something happened - and things always happen - we were so sure that Emmie was pregnant back in May and that turned out not to be the case. Well, now through the miracles of modern science (surgical AI, ultrasound, x-ray and caesarian section) there are six little bundles of golden retriever currently sucking on Emmie for all they're worth. Yesterday's proceedure was smooth - all six came out and were pretty quick to not only breath but get up and howl. The half dozen were motoring around the incubator in a matter of minutes and figured out where the buffet was as soon as it was offered to them.

One boy in particular has such a howl he made his feelings known that dinner was late and that was not acceptable - he put on a similar protest when the vet tied off his cord and I'm told he protests to Mom knocking him over whilst she cleans him. It's a rough life for puppy. We called him screamer - let's hope he grows out of it.

Emmie is doing well and I hear she's an excellent mom (did we expect anything less). I've broken the news to Murphy - I'm not sure it's sunken in yet. Let's hope that the puppy chases cats - Q could use to be knocked down a peg or two - if the puppy and Q gain up on Murphy we're going to have problems.

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