Monday, January 08, 2007

No rest for the weary...

After a long day yesterday (therapy visit in the morning, the driving, the delivery and then more driving) I did indulge a bit and slept late - later than I'd normally let myself. Ah well, up and at 'em.

Went out to waggles to play agility. Saw Ruth out there which was nice - she hasn't been one of the waggles regulars but she should be - she doesn't live that far away and a nicer lady you just can't find. Ruth gets credit for the pic of Murphy below...

Murph put down a couple of nice courses considering that he doesn't get nearly enough time practicing. Honestly, he should be running 3-4 times a week - he's lucky to get 1 or 2...though we do get our weave reps in every night. He is getting a lot of obedience though - which is good I suppose. Who would have thought that I'd have the obedience jumps up and using them (with good footing) in January.

So we'll keep plugging with the time and daylight we've got - at least when baby comes we'll have even more daylight. Ahhhh, baby - smell the puppy breath.

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