Thursday, January 25, 2007

Baby it's cold outside...

What is it with below zero temperatures outside and ice cream? It's currently hovering around minus one outside (wind chill of minus twenty) and I'm enjoying a frosty cold bowl of chocolate fudge brownie...Even Q is begging for a lick. Murph did his "too cold outside to pee" routine - like he has other options.

After a crazy crazy day at the office yesterday and a farewell lunch for a coworker today I left work early to go train tonight. Just obedience stuff with Diane and Higgins. The really really cool thing about where Murphy is right now is that he's working pretty hard - he's not perfect - but his mistakes are honest. The really fantastic thing is that he's really really up and happy and he's really staying with me. I can take my eyes off him between exercises and he's right there - even when bounced at and tempted to play by other dogs - it's all about work and I really like that...

Still bummed that we didn't make it to Schenectady last weekend, but feeling really good about getting out to the HV and Syracuse shows. We can only get better and more confident right? And as for the weather - it can only get better too :-)

Bring on the season.

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