Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Why we train...

One of those stupid moments - Q had his face in my pint glass full of egg nog - I squirted him with a water gun, he jumps off the side table and takes the glass with him - which shatters on the tile floor - egg nog and glass shards everywhere. Murph sees spilled egg nog and of course goes for it - Q sensing victory also trots over to the dangerous mess. In one motion I tell Murphy to sit (sit on recall anyone?) and stay while scooping up the cat and tossing him in his kennel. Murph is seated 5' from the mess. I leave the room to fetch the vaccuum and mop while Murphy sits there. I get everything cleaned up safely and think to myself - THIS is why I do all of the work, this is why we train, this is why education is important. Titles don't really matter - it's having a dog you can live with and you can keep safe.

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