Saturday, December 16, 2006

Murphy's idea of heaven...

We had a holiday party at our training center this afternoon, it was a potluck affair with simple agility and rally courses for people to run. It really wasn't meant for staff - I brought Murphy because he always goes with me - when I got there one of Murphy's favorite people was there - the granddaughter of one of our regulars - Paige. She's 10 and Murphy adores her - absolutely adores her - and she is so good with all dogs, but seems to have a special place in her heart for Murphy.

So I asked her if she wanted to run Murphy through the courses today - one was half agility (jump, tunnel, jump) then table where the dog had to sit on the table while the handler grabbed an ornament out of a bucket, then they had to heel through a rally sequence. I was so proud of Murphy who left me (he's a momma's boy) to play the game so happily - AND as excited as he was to be playing with his friend (off-leash in a room full of other dogs and bags and bags of cookies on the sidelines) he didn't get naughty or mouthy - didn't even think of it.

The second course was three tunnels, L called it barrell racing - basically the barrell racing pattern with the dogs running through tunnels and then across the finish line. Again Murphy pulled out his best behavior to play not only with Paige, but then again to play with Mardi (who lost her golden last week) - she wasn't clear about what she wanted him to do, but he did everything she asked of him with glee.

After games people gathered for some lunch type stuff, Murphy was still hanging out with Paige, I helped clean up the big room and came into the front room to find Murphy, with Paige and two other girls her age all snuggled up on the couch - I offered to put Murphy away so they could have some lunch and it was so funny to see Paige INSIST that Murphy remain with her.

Murphy's ideal afternoon: 1) play obedience and agility and get lots of treats while not working hard and taking nothing seriously; 2) share the buffet plates with three gorgeous and lovely young ladies, who alternately slip him bites of noodles and cheese and kisses on the muzzle; 3) Belly rubs by above stated lovely young ladies and finally 4) coming home for an undisturbed nap on the couch with Quincy to dream of another perfect afternoon.

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