Friday, October 20, 2006

Time flies...Another week goes by

Well another week is over and we find ourselves once again at the Motel 6. This place is becoming home. Murphy is a professional hotel dog, he walks in the room - looks for the motel 6 soap on the side of the tub (for some reason motel 6 soap is yummy - he doesn't eat hilton soap, holiday inn soap has no appeal, never thought about econolodge soap - but motel 6 soap is money). I've gotten pretty good at twarting the soap eating and I beat him to it again today. Murph did his business, had his dinner and is snoozing peacefully on the bed while I catch up with all of the electronic comminucation I missed while on the road.

So it was an interesting week for us - first, we got a new puppy. It wasn't planned and it's not staying. It's a sheltie baby - one of Cassy's - and she's just hanging with us while the perfect home is found. It's interesting living with a sheltie - I told Cassy it's like dating a gay man: it's fun having her around, I like her a lot - more than I thought I would...I truly believed that I could only live with a golden and now I can see that I could live with her I think - but it'd never work out long-term. I don't do barking and the princess act that I find cute today probably won't be cute when she's older :-) The first night I had her I took her out to potty and she was three-legged lame. Yep - I've just broken Cassy's puppy. I bring her inside - she's fine. I bring her outside because she hasn't peed and she's three-legged again - only this time on a different leg. Sheeeeesh! Last night we spent 20 minutes out in the rain because she was so mad that she was getting wet that she couldn't even think about potty. So we both stood there (I let Murphy go in as he's not a particularly big fan of rain either), getting soaked in a battle of wills. She eventually peed btw. I'm not sure either of us learned anything though. Diana's adorable - just a big fluffy cutie. She's adaptable, Murphy loves her and the Q-man thinks she walks on water. Diana and Quincy were instant friends and Murphy seems pretty content to watch the two young'ens wrestling. Quincy is getting some of his dues paid back in spades and it's wonderful to watch the "kids" enjoying being kids. I call her princess and I hope that she finds a wonderful home where she will be treated like the royalty that she is.

So Murphy and I had to switch gears back to obedience for this weekend. I think we're so close. It's just a matter of putting everything together. I have to keep two very important things in mind this weekend - regardless of score - I need to keep positive. I need to make sure that Murphy doesn't think he's failed. If he thinks he's wrong he's still getting worried on me. That's OK because there's virtually nothing I can fix in the ring anyhow. Just have fun Murph and we'll be OK. Smile Erica and have fun - that is why we do this afterall isn't it?

One more week until goldenfest at my house. I can't wait to see Linda, Molly and Siena again. Kara will be up for the weekend too - I've got so much planned for big fun!

We're not on until 11 tomorrow morning - that means a pretty leisurely trip tomorrow morning, relaxed, happy, smiling and fun Open A :-)

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