Thursday, October 05, 2006

Repairing the stays...

For whatever reason Murphy's stays are broken. Not the stay per se - duration is not the issue. Its when I walk away, Murphy has started standing up. So close to our fall show season - Souhegan is on Sunday - it's dissettling to say the least.

So I've backed way the heck up and we're drilling baby stuff. Three steps and return. Walk away, hide, come right back. Rebuilding whatever confidence we've lost. It's going well - though Murph is clearly tired of all of the testing - if he hadn't given me the scare I wouldn't need to test him would I? We'll work stays tomorrow night with the gang and that'll be that.

We haven't schooled any of the individual exercises since Tuesday - and unlike the July shows I used as matches - I don't feel compelled to cram for them either. Which must be a good sign. Over all I was feeling pretty confident, a week ago I couldn't wait!! There's going to be nothing worse than blowing the stays after a nice round of individuals. Let's just go and be credible - if we flunk, let's flunk in style. It's my lucky show venue, our lucky hotel and heck, I'll wear my lucky shoes - no matter how badly they smell after the summer agility season :-)

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