Saturday, October 07, 2006

Greetings from Motel 6...

I slept in a bit this morning and awoke to Murphy chomping on something (not unusual as he has 24/7 access to chewies). For some reason the chomping sounded differently and sure enough he had the remote control in his mouth. He has NEVER done anything like that so I was more puzzled than pissed - though I am pissed.

I packed slowly, we really weren't in any hurry to get here - we played agility a bit this morning - not a lot - enough to get Murphy moving without burning him out. I had debated whether or not to run him - I didn't have a strong "gut" either way so we ran.

The foliage was peak the whole drive - seems a bit early for that. The Stowe and Woodstock exits were backed up onto the interstate and both exits have long ramps too...The drive took me about 2 1/4 hours - not bad, especially when I was really careful about speeding on a holiday weekend - the state boys in both states come out for the tourists this time of year. Surprisingly enough I didn't see any troopers in the traps, a couple with cars pulled over though.

So we're here, Murph and I took about an hour to relax and settle and then we went out to get some dinner. I'm pleased to report that I remembered to beat Murphy to the soap - for whatever reason the motel 6 soap is the best tasting soap ever. He nearly always gets the one on the side of the tub, woofs it down and smiles the remainder of the evening. The site wasn't open for setup tonight which means we'll have to leave early tomorrow to get a crating spot. I'm actually feeling pretty good. I feel like I've worked through the stay stuff we had earlier in the week and I'm really looking forward to seeing exactly where we are with the individual exercises. There are two fantastic judges here this weekend doing Open A which is always encouraging - if we NQ we're not going to get raked over the coals...

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