Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Forgot...rule out the physical problems

I asked the dog obedience list about our difficulties with the high jump - everyone mentioned physical stuff. Is he sound, his he in jumping condition, is he moving funny, any dificulties with motion or jumping? And they were right to ask that question, that would be my first thought too - if I didn't have my hands on this dog every day. There isn't an ounce of fat on him and he's an amazing athlete.

We all watched him tonight in agility. His trotting is clean and sound - equal reach on both sides. Murphy was jumping cleanly, no stutter steps, no hesitation, no chipping, no compensation AND he's still clearing the jumps by 8" or more above the top bar. The one thing we all saw was that on the indoor footing is that as he's galloping he's doing a more collected gallop on the footing - he's got his hind legs underneath his body - the same motion he does when he has the puppy zoomies - it's collection and extension all at once and it's very normal for him - what would be out of character is full out galloping without regard to his footing - Murph's too smart for that.

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