Sunday, October 15, 2006

Cheshire Debrief...

Quincy had his snip-snip on Friday before I left town. My mom was an excellent kitty caregiver and made sure his recovery was quiet and that he was well fed in my absence...If I didn't know (and hadn't paid the bill) I wouldn't notice anything different about the Q man. Cats are truly hardy critters.

It became clear to me that fall is not only on its way - it's here and it's COLD. The frost on the car this morning was thick enough to have necessitated scraping if I hadn't decided to waste fossil fuel and just let the car warmup.

Ah, the trial. Nice site - sort of weird rituals. I've never been to a trial where they let you tape off your reserved parking spots - seriously - it's a thinned out forest in a park where the trees are spaced out in such a way that you can park between them. People set up their tents and canopies and then use liberal amounts of surveyors' tape to mark territory for their vehicles. Honestly one of the strangest things I've seen. This behavior wouldn't fly at any other trial, but everyone did it here.

Murphy's runs were average this weekend - not what I hoped. His jumpers runs were first - both days and they were both pretty crappy. I got him out too early on Saturday and today he just wasn't with me. His standard run on Saturday was great - but we had a refusal and a blown dog walk contact. Today's standard run I revved him way the heck up and it turned out to be too much - he got ahead of me on a straight line and ultimately got mouthy with me - boom! Done. Disappointing from a competitors point of view, but it was a nice weekend overall.

First I ate better (or worse depending on your perspective) this weekend than I have in a long time - lobster topped sirloin on Friday and the Olive Garden on Saturday night (pumpkin cheesecake to die for). Secondly some of my friends finally got legs they've been working so hard for all season. DJ and Tegan got their first Open Standard leg after an entire years worth of trying - DJ is already in Excellent Jumpers. It was an outstanding run and she has so much to be proud of - I admire DJ's patience and positive outlook. She can have an awful run (we joke that Tegan can take down an entire course - and she has in the past) and still come out of the ring beaming about the one piece that went well. DJ can see the faintest glow in the middle of a hurricane and every run Tegan puts down is rewarded with all of the pomp and circumstance of a MACH winning run. So when she really lays down that great run the emotion is contagious. Lori and Hannah nailed down their AXJ title after a season of coming so close to the apple on every occaision. If it can't be us, I'm sure glad it was them - well deserved ribbons this weekend.

Obedience next weekend. I did some dumbbell work with Murphy this weekend with some dogs and some pressure and I'm not replicating the problem. I'm going to email Lori to see if I can crash her rally class on Tuesday - maybe just show up at the end of class and ask people to hang out and create some pressure with dogs he doesn't know so well...

On an unrelated note that feels a bit like a "cave-in", I turned the heat on tonight - didn't need much, but man, the house was chilly and I'm nothing if not a sucker for comfort.

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