Sunday, September 10, 2006

Trying to be good...

I'm trying to be a better planner and a little more economical. The first step is to avoid buying lunch every day - partly inspired by the government approving the use of viruses to eliminate the listeria that can be found on cold cuts. They call the viruses "Bacteriophages" and honestly it creeps me out. The article on CNN is here:

I'm perfectly OK with the bacteria in yogurt and I don't particularly care about genetically modified fruits and vegetables. For whatever reason though putting a virus on meat that may or may not have a bacteria on it crosses a line in my comfort zone. Then there was the fact that buying a sandwich every day and showing most weekends was really draining the ol' pocketbook - it just doesn't make sense.

So today I converted last week's pot roast to barley and beef soup, made a batch of corn chowder, made a batch of chili and put together a chicken casserole. Ambitious maybe - let's hope I actually remember to bring the lunches to work!

On the training front I went out and worked Murphy for a while, he was very good - I've got to make it more fun for him, now that he's "got" everything 100% it's my job to keep it fresh and fun. We've got a seminar with Celeste Meade next weekend, she's focusing on the "want to do it" vs the "have to do it" - man, that's exactly what we need right now! I've got high expectations for this seminar - it's just that we need so much to get an experienced eye on what we're doing.

I did pull out the scent articles again tonight and we were back where we were three months ago before I let them slip - Murph got the right article three out of three times with a full 12 articles in the pile. Yeah, I know I should have dialed back the expectations since we haven't been working them regularly and that we had trouble last time we did the articles. Shame on me, yay for Murphy.

I'm up late for server work tonight, I remembered only as I was climbing the stairs for bed (Murphy and Quincy are very confused). Another late night - it's been too many late nights lately.

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