Friday, September 22, 2006

Things that go bump in the dark...

There's something living in my garage. I have no idea what it is, it only makes noise at night. Yeah, it freaks me out - a lot. I go in the garage to get Murphy's stew out of the freezer and something is moving around in there hiding behind recyclables and under the junk car that hasn't left the garage in years...On a side note if the house goes on the market this fall that car will have to leave :-)

The critter was there last night too. Argh - I hate not knowing what's in there. A squirrel I can live with, a skunk not so much. The good news is that it's probably not a skunk - first there'd be some residual odor of skunk, secondly a Skunk would panic (I think) and let off their stink bomb when I went banging around in there last night trying to flush whatever it was out of there. The flushing was unsuccessful again tonight - obviously. Guess this makes garage cleanout a priority. I think I'll ask my dad to come over next weekend and take a load to the landfill - just throw stuff away en mass, fill up the truck and cleanse the garage. Cleanse the garage and cleanse your spirit...OK maybe not - but maybe a wee bit of my conscience.

Went out to train tonight, had intended to do obedience stuff but Marilyn and Val weren't able to come out tonight and after the stickies on Wednesday night I figured that we should do some distance work. The agility stuff was setup so we played agility. For all that was sticky on Wednesday I didn't expect our session this evening to go well at all, but Murph was on. He's back to saving my butt and handling like a sports car. OK he's not a Lamborghini but he's a solid Peugeot. I got some distance work on a serpentine that I wish folks had seen. Oh well. I wonder if some of the sticky was our first indoor practice in many moons - thats certainly something to think about - we do a lot of obedience indoors and very little indoor agility in the summer.

It's supposed to rain all weekend, heavy rains tomorrow - so we'll be indoors for agility tomorrow. I'll have to watch for the stick tomorrow, perhaps after tonight he'll only be tacky - silly obedience dog.

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