Wednesday, September 06, 2006

They call it futility for a reason...

I worked Murph some tonight - just a bit of the open routine. Didn't work stays tonight - worked the heck out of stays yesterday when he did a 15 minute out of sight down while a little yorkie had a private lesson and then a 10 minute sit-stay while the puppy class filtered into the training center - all of the puppies walked by him - straining at their leashes to play. They all know Uncle Murphy from playtime at the end of puppy class.

So tonight we worked a lot of heeling - figure eights with imaginary posts - don't want to know what the neighbors think about that. He worked well, nothing spectacular, but he was a good boy.

We came in and played some house ball - then for whatever reason - for so much insanity...I decided to do some scent article work. I don't remember the last time we worked them - and it showed, MAN it showed. Kitty wasn't even impressed. I had previously worked through the leather article affinity (he prefers the leather articles - though he has no problem with the metal ones). We had gotten over that problem months ago when we last worked articles. So the lesson here is don't expect too much when you haven't practiced a trick in a while and just when you think you've got that obedience girdle all tucked in and buttoned, a bit of tummy is going to poke out where you least expect it.

Fortuneatly, we've got time before we've got to put our scent articles to the test for that fall (and old man winter) is coming we'll have more time to work it anyway (too cold and dark outside to play in the front yard). So many pieces.

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