Saturday, September 09, 2006

Fall is in the air.

It seems like April was yesterday and July just a heartbeat ago. Yesterday while I was stuck in the office all day the temperatures soared into the mid-80's. Today the 80's were gone and temperatures dropped all morning, then a hard rain and now that the sun is down it's pretty darn nippy out there! They are warning of frost tonight - something about that first frost warning that sends a chill of regret down my spine. It's no longer summertime - my most favorite season. It's getting dark earlier each day, the bird no longer wake me chirping at 4:30 in the morning - only one of these things I'm upset about of course.

It's getting to be casserole and homemade bread weekends, you know those crisp and damp Saturday afternoons where the smell of baking bread is the ultimate comfort. Time to get back into the habit of cleaning the house Saturday mornings and freeing up Saturday afternoons.

For the first time in many weeks I found myself with a Saturday morning and absolutely nothing to do. No shows, no run-throughs, no on-call work to be done. So Murphy and I headed over to the annual "Iron Dog" event put on by the state police. It's an event meant to test the police canines but they've opened it to the public in the last couple of years. It's a 1.5 mile course with obstacles...things like climbing through a car - through the front seat and out the back door. Another test required the dog to stay while the handler crawled into the back of a tractor trailer and grabbed "evidence" (a key ring). Handlers - civilians remember, had to shoot (paintballs) at a target and carry their dogs 25 yards. Fortuneatly for our pride we overslept and got there too late to register and run in the event (awwwww). But we did get to play some agility in a demo that NOMAD had setup. Murphy's agility runs were decent - not stellar - small tight area and we both seemed to know it wasn't for real anyway :-)

The photos from the Green Mountain Golden Ret club trial finally came in the mail yesterday. It's an indoor event and the photos aren't great I bought the package because I liked the weave pictures and there was one super expression picture.

Here's the expression picture, likely the one I will refer to when non-dog people ask me how I know Murphy likes playing the game with me:

I love this one too - Murph closes the eye closest to the pole he's weaving around - blink, blink, blink:

And one more for fun:

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