Saturday, September 30, 2006

A clean garage is good for the soul

I asked my dad to take a load of stuff to the dump this morning, I had a ton of recyclable stuff in big plastic bags - well, some of it has been there for a long time. With my schedule I just don't get to the drop-off center often enough. The garage has become chaotic as a result - stuff everywhere. Well, we loaded up the stuff I had bagged and my dad wasn't satisfied with the garage so we spent an hour (Mom, Dad and I) cleaning the garage. Dad went into his super organization mode: "dog stuff over here - camping stuff over here" OK, but Dad doesn't really understand that the camping stuff really is dog stuff, I tried to mention that but it went on deaf ears - plus never critize free labor.

Went out and ran agility with Murphy - he was really good again today - but surprisingly is falling out of the weaves in the middle...this is upsetting. But, I think I have the answer...In both courses today the weaves a straight on entry - and we hit them with speed (yay). Murph made his entries but I think he had too much speed to maintain them - falling out at the 6th or 7th pole, popping right back in and accellerating again. So, the fix I think is to drill the poles with speed and to check him a bit when he's coming full tilt at a straight on entry.

Since I'll spend most of October on the road (weekends at least) I bought Quincy a littermaid...I wondered if he'd use it - but it turns out it's his latest game - so I needn't have worried too much. I also moved him out of the guest room - I suppose he can still eat in there and he'll have the whole upstairs while I'm gone during the day, but with guest season coming up pretty soon I suspect that Linda wouldn't enjoy a kitty roommate.

Tomorrow is an obedience day if it doesn't rain (though it's expected to be a wash-out) I might lay down a track or two...

Took this photo of the boys the other day, one of my favorites:

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