Sunday, August 27, 2006

Puppy Tantrums...

Today was stew day - that would be the one day every 6 weeks or so that I prepare ungodly amounts of dog stew and freeze it in 3-4 day quantities. I bought chicken thighs at the grocery store because they were $.33/pound - got 15lbs of them instead of one or more entire chicken…they've got the bones in so the boiling process pulls the same minerals and such from the bones that would happen in a full carcass - maybe more so because the bones are cut? Dunno, I should research that. Cut bones vs whole bones, which leech more minerals, vitamins and good stuff into water when boiled for several hours?

So I've deboned the chicken and put the lentils in the chicken broth in one pot, 10lbs of ground beef in another pot, a pot of barley and two pots of veggies. Then what I do is take a third of each pot and mix them in 60 cup batches in a big bowl and then portion them out into 8 cup containers…over time this seems to be the best way of doing things - I tried mixing everything in the gladware but it was messy and didn't end up mixed very well I don't think. So that's my process… What is my point?Seems like boring and useless process of dog food preparation right?

Here's the point. Murphy typically eats dinner at 5pm. Sometimes later during the work week. On the weekends it's possible I'll feed him earlier - depending on what is going on. Anyhow, at 5 I had only removed the chicken bits from the pot and put the lentils in the broth to cook. Sure, there are three or four containers of food left out in the freezer - but why thaw one when I'm making a batch now - just doesn't make sense to me…so I get everything else cooking (an hour or so later) and debone the ckicken (that was a lot of work - more work than an entire chicken, but ultimately more meat I think). At about 6:00 the looks of "you know I haven't eaten yet" began - despite the fact that I'd been feeding samples as I cooked knowing that his dinner was late…by 6:30 the looks had evolved to some pacing and some "woe is me" whining…meanwhile I was in the process of moving a third of the ingredients from each pot and putting them in the "big bowl", at 6:45 as I started to mix - it happened. THE TANTRUM. It started small with the retrieval and throwing of his food bowls. Then a favorite stuffed toy "bit the big one" (rest in peace star man - you were loved even if that love was fleeting and ultimately deadly), then it was the dog bed's turn to suffer as Murph gripped it and threw it across the room - then digging on the bed and another throw - THEN the howling while throwing the bed, then howling as the bowls were thrown - peppered in here were several "throw your body on the ground as hard as you can and look at mom". Yep - full fledged tantrum time. The really hard part was not laughing at him and the ironic part was that by 6:50 I had pulled out a serving for him and popped it in the fridge - it was effectively his for the eating, but not in tantrum mode - he carried on for about 10 minutes and then finally threw himself on the floor (again) and settled. Then I fed him - he gave me this look like "why didn't you just feed me an hour ago when I asked nicely?

Oh poor Smurf.

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