Sunday, August 27, 2006

House Guests...and you get what you live with...

No, not the two legged kind - two legged guests require that the vaccum come out of the closet, the guest room linens changed, guest bathroom cleaned and the blankets on the couch removed (none of those things happened this weekend - unfortuneatly, because the house is a bit of a wreck). There's something about being away every weekend for 12 weeks and not keeping up the house the way I'd like to. So on this first weekend at home in a few months what did I do? I went out to pick up Cooper (our four-legged guest) and run a puppy play group on Saturday morning, then I played a bit of agility later in the morning - napped around 2ish, and went to the fair to eat bad stuff...I didn't even eat a lot of bad stuff - which puzzles me, because that was part of the grand goal.

Anyway, the point of this post was to talk about guests - two legged and four legged. Give me the option most days I'd take almost any four-legger overnight than a two-legger, there are several exceptions to this of course but not the topic of this afternoon post. Perhaps the difference between 2 and 4 legged guests comes down to who has to do the entertaining. Murph does all of the 4 legged entertainment, with little or no facilitation from myself. I have rules and they are enforced (no wrestling in the house) but it's Murph's house and his games - he's yet to be anything less than a proper gentleman and host extrodinaire. This weekend of course was no exception. We had Cooper with us, she is a 9 month old little yellow cutie, belongs to a co-worker of mine. When I picked her up on Saturday she hopped in the car with Murphy and went to sleep on the bed in the back. The two dogs were like vanilla and vanilla - like they'd lived together forever. They played nicely in the yard, they walked nicely around the block. Cooper walked into the house like she had been here forever and never showed any inclination that this wasn't totally normal for her (though she objected to having her ears cleaned - ha ha).

This is all relevant because as much as Murph has seen the world, as wonderful as his temperment is with people, dogs, cats, babies, skunks, etc - I'm not sure he would be able to just go home with someone else and be boarded for a night. I left him once overnight with a housesitter. Lee was graduating and we brought my parent's two labs over here and had a friend of mine deal with the four of them - Kodiak didn't get to stay as Kasei and Kodiak were oil and vinegar. Murph spent the night crated and my friend came over several times a day to feed and potty them. The report card said that all four were good, and that Murphy was a cutie. No surprises, though I can still feel the worry in the pit of my stomach as I sat on that plane waiting to take off - wondering if my dogs knew I was going to be thousands of miles away from them. Worrying, overthinking, overplanning, stressing - it's what I do...

I guess it comes down to the fact that we all do our best to raise our puppies, we correct what we can't live with and we live with what we can well live with. I worry about Murph walking loosely on a leash and I don't tend to care if he brings in dirty paws when it rains. A stay is a stay is a stay and you don't break that stay, but sure you can get up on the sofa. My food is my food when I'm eating dinner, however if you wait patiently I'll share my left-overs.

So the house didn't get cleaned this weekend - but the beauty of the situation is that Cooper couldn't care less and I've got a whole week to get ready for next weekend's excuse not to clean - the dust bunnies aren't going anywhere are they?

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