Thursday, July 27, 2006

Gotta weave

Our agility trials recently have proven the girdle theory - just when you think you've got one bit tucked in under the girdle another piece pops out where you least expect it. First it was the chute - we were doing entire courses with clean runs and Murph didn't know what a chute was - ok, we get the chute and we're not making time - and by fractions of a second. Then we had the sniffies and the rollies (yes, I made that word up), then we crashed that jump and had issues where Murphy didn't want to play if he was wrong. So we've had these awesome practices and garbage runs when it counts. I think the bulk of our problem was trying to get ready for Open-O and training so hard for that venue that I didn't reinforce the agility stuff enough. I've got a confident drop on recall and a really shitty weave pole entry - go figure.

I've had to re-evaluate what we're really doing. I know that another year will add some maturity for both of us - but what does that do for the here and now? Well, our next obedience trial is in October - Murphy was 85% where he needs to be for Open, I'm going to back off and play agility only for the next couple of weeks. We've got the golden trial next weekend, gordon setter the following and then a local NADAC trial the weekend after. Then we're done agility too until October - and even then we're talking about a single trial (I think so anyway). I'd love to finish up our Novice agility titles before we take the hiatus but I'm going to have to see how things go. If I had to choose I'd take the CDX - after all I think we're both best suited for obedience work anyhow.

So tonight's training sessions were impromptu - I left work early and swam with Murphy for 45 minutes then put up some short sequences: Jump, flip, weave; jump, broad jump, weave; panel, tunnel, weave; weave, broad, tunnel...just building up confidence again for him all around - I want to be able to bring him back on a bad weave entry and not have him melt down on me. Then we repeated the whole thing after dinner - Murphy had about two hours of swimming and probably 40 minutes of random agility stuff. He's currently sleeping at my feet - exhausted and enjoying the air conditioning.

Oh, and late-night server work for me again tonight. This is becoming a habit - I'd prefer to go to bed early tonight but it's part of the line of work. I am looking forward (finally) to a quiet weekend at home - getting some yard and house work done - I've fallen behind lately and the house has suffered for it.


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